Deluxe - CUSTOM
Deluxe - CUSTOM
Deluxe - CUSTOM
Deluxe - CUSTOM
Deluxe - CUSTOM

Deluxe - CUSTOM

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Free hand painted, alternating French tips.

This set is fully customizable & made to order. Processing time is currently 7 business days, not including shipping. This "turnaround time" can change depending on demand.

Please complete the following before adding to cart -

- Select your type of smile line for this design. (The deep smile line makes the nail beds look thinner, adding length to your fingers.  The classic smile line is a little more relaxed and natural.)

- Select your finish

- In the custom details box, leave your nail size, base color (if not "perfection" as pictured), up to 10 different colors for French tips and desired shape/length.

Listed below are shapes that are currently available:

  • Extra Extra Short Round
  • Extra Short Coffin
  • Extra Short Round
  • Extra Short Square
  • Extra Short Squoval
  • Short Coffin
  • Short Round
  • Short Square
  • Medium Coffin

          I am NOT responsible for incorrect sizing**


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